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Choosing a Moving Service

A lot of decision making

There are lot of things you need to consider when you move from one home to another. There are many important decisions that you have to take regarding your move and the decision you make will affect your move.

Making the most important decision Choosing a Moving Service

The most important decision that you will make is choosing the right moving service. With Around Town Movers working for you, your move will be as comfortable, affordable and hassle-free as possible. When looking for the best movers, you should keep in mind a few things such as:

  • Call the offices of the moving service. While moving companies have set up their websites and online search is the way to go, there are many scams out there also. A good way to get comfortable about a moving service’s reliability is to call on their office.
  • Make sure that the moving service you hire uses only full time professional movers.
  • While visiting the offices of moving service, see for yourself whether their trucks bear the company name. If they don’t, it’s probably a flight-by-night deal and you should look elsewhere.
  • Ask the moving service representatives to give you an estimate.  Although most jobs can be booked over the telephone, make sure you receive the terms and conditions of the moving service in writing and in advance.
  • Make sure that the company you hire is licensed and insured.  Licensing in the moving business has everything to do with insurance.  Around Town Movers is licensed in Virginia with the Department of Motor Vehicles as a Property Carrier to perform moves 30 miles and under door-to-door.  It also is licensed through its affiliate to do regional moving 31 milers and over.   To be eligible to be a licensed mover, the mover must first have the appropriate liability and cargo insurance filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Once the Department of Motor Vehicles has investigated its license application and has determined that the mover is fit for operation, then it issues it certificate of license.  Around Town Movers has met these requirements and is ready to serve you!

Decide what you want and act on it

Clearly all people who are looking to move will decide they want a convenient moving experience, however not all of them act accordingly. Only by being smart and choosing the right moving service will you have truly decided that you want an efficient move. It’s better to be thorough in your search for the best moving service. A good screening process will help you avoid a lot of trouble when you are moving. You don’t move every day, make sure you have the best people working for you on the rare occasions that you do.

There are a lot of moving companies you can hire. Around Town Movers has all the qualities that you should be looking for in a moving service. There is no alternative for commitment and nothing beats experience. We have both these invaluable qualities.